Welcome to Amanos Fruits!

Amanos Fruits contributes to the development of our country with the social responsibility projects like trainings, non-governmental organizations, scholarships for students, etc. as well as exporting products to whole world which are cultivated as of organic and good agricultural practices on its 70 acres orchard and 25,000 m² modern greenhouse built at a total of 140 acres area.


We are cultivating fruits like bananas, strawberries, blackberries, nectarines organically as of good agricultural practices on our orchards built at 70 acres area and offering these products to domestic and overseas markets.

Classic & Modern Greenhousing

We are cultivating vegetables and fruits like bananas, strawberries, tomatoes as of good agricultural practices and organic agricultural practices in our classic and modern greenhouses built at a total of 25 thousand square meters of space.

Cold Storage

We provide world-class cold storage service with our 1500 tons capacity cold storage built in 1250 m² closed area for the products cultivated by us and local farmers.

Jam Manufacturing

Amanos Fruits produces jams from clean and residue-free fruits which are cultivated by good agricultural practices and has high aroma and offers them to domestic and overseas markets.

Logistics & Transportation

Our company, Onitaş Logistics, provides transportation services of import, export, transit, complete, partial, projects and exhibitions to whole world internationally for 30 years via maritime and land-route.

Packaging & Storage

We provide world-class full hygienic packaging and storage services with our 1500 tons capacity storage built in 1250 m² closed area for the products cultivated by us and local farmers.


We proceed export operations via the organizations of our Customs Clearance Department and offer delivery services with the vehicles of the logistics company, Onitaş Inc., which is within the structure of our company.

Education Services

We serve free and practical trainings of good and organic agricultural practices to farmers, students and workers in coordination with the universities in the educational and cultural center established by us.

Social Responsibility Services

We put our signature under social responsibility projects such as farmer and worker training center, guesthouse, scholarships for students, contracted farming for our country's development and popularizing good agricultural practices.

Civil Society Services

We are gathering our farmers and businessmen under one roof by non-governmental organizations such as HASMEYBİR (Fruit Growers Association of Hassa) and HASSİAD (Association of Industrialists and Businessmen of Hassa) which are established under the leadership of Mahmut Nuri Gündoğdu, founder of our company.