Onitas Logistics

Onitaş Logistics is a corporate transportation company which offers international land-route and maritime transportation and distribution services to all countries professionally in a contemporary manner.

Onitas Logistics

Onitaş Logistics has been established by Mahmut Nuri Gündoğdu on May 13th, 1983 and serves exhibition and projects transportation to whole world via land-route and maritime for 30 years.

Onitaş Logistics has held transportation and logistics organization of 340 national participation associated by institutions such as Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, exporter members of Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade of Republic of Turkey and Export Promotion Center of Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade of Republic of Turkey which has organized national participations in 99 different countries. Moreover, it has provided logistics support to national and individual participations of leading companies of our country like Tüyap, Şişe Cam Group, Fıratpen and Forum Fairs and has managed logistics schedules of 1550 different individual participation held in 99 countries that are among the most important industry-specific exhibitions of whole world.

Onitaş Logistics, which has included healthy and organic fruits-vegetables cultivation to its mission in its 30th year, has managed to become one of the leading companies of the industry by making big progress in the field of fruits-vegetables logistics internationally.

As Onitaş Logistics, guaranteed work, diligence and follow-up are our most important goals. Our employees accomplish the assigned services deliberately with their high experience and expertise.

Onitaş Logistics serves export, import, transit, complete and partial transportation to many countries. It continues its successful activities in international forwarding field and makes undeniable progress under short time with its open-for-continuous-improvement structure.

Onitaş Logistics provides transportation, customs clearance and handling services for activities like fairs, exhibitions, publicity, stands, symposia, congresses, festivals, sports competitions, musicovision, etc. from Turkey to all countries and from all countries to Turkey as well as transportation and projects services.

Onitaş Logistics, which keeps the requirements and conditions of being an International Freight Forwarder as well as being a leading and exemplary company in its sector among its goals, is aware of that it's obliged to ensure providing the products and materials in the right place, at the right time, with the right amount, of highest quality, in most secure manner and with the most reasonable costs in transportation and logistics activities.

Onitaş Logistics takes as a mission transporting important institutions who are ambitious of their products and aims branding to special fairs, offering counseling services for all exhibitions and supporting every aspect which will improve export and continues its services with its 30 year experience and trained and experienced staff.